Workflow Builder

Pipefy is a powerful platform for Work Management, allowing teams to have more control over their operations, connecting departments, centralizing requests and contributing to a better visualization.

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Achieving strong alignment across an entire organization is a complex task, especially in a digital environment, which is always active. This complexity arises because companies are typically organized by department, with each team operating independently using their own tools and processes. In reality, work often needs to be done across these functional boundaries. Without standardized processes or integrated tools, inefficiencies, delays, and redundant tasks are likely to increase.

Pipefy Board

At Pipefy, my focus was on refining the process management experience, helping users identify the most efficient workflows and ensuring smooth transitions between process stages. I've committed myself to ensuring that every phase, from initiating a workflow to executing tasks, is intuitive and user-friendly.

The Workflow Builder was designed to visually create automated workflows without requiring programming knowledge. With this tool, it is possible to add stages to the workflow process easily and intuitively, integrate with forms, automations, and other features to help teams improve efficiency.