Design is my passion 😆


a little bit
about me

My name is Suzana, but I prefer Suzi.
I like to simplify complicated things and I have an eye for details. I am also very curious and I love to learn new things, this is why I believe I found myself in Product Design. For last 10 years, I have been working in this area. I have already worked for e-commerce, startups, tech companies, and insurance companies designing meaningful experiences for people.


About experiences and a medium

I like to contribute to the design community with articles about design, sharing my experiences.
I am also designed a non-profit workshop, called Imersão UX with the mission to bring more diversity in the design industry.

Quero Café

“Empathy is a pretty word for exclusion. I’ve seen all-male all-white teams taking “empathy workshops” to see how women think. If you want to know how women would use something you’re designing, get a woman on your design team. They’re not extinct. We don’t need to study them. We can hire them!”

Mike Monteiro, Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It