Loft is a Braziliian proptech company that has significantly impacted the real estate market by leveraging technology to streamline property transactions. Loft aims to modernize real estate transactions in Latin America by providing a digital platform that simplifies buying and selling processes.

  • payments solutions

At Loft, my focus has been on enhancing the purchase experience by assisting users in finding the right plan and facilitating a smooth payment process. I've dedicated my efforts to ensure that every step, from selecting a suitable plan to completing transactions, is streamlined and user-friendly. This involves optimizing interfaces and transaction processes to accommodate various payment preferences, all aimed at making real estate transactions as seamless and efficient as possible for our customers.

Loft Design Team

Role and Responsibilities I started to work on the checkout experience in Q1 2022 embedding myself with the team for about a year. Throughout this period, I collaborated closely with the engineering team and product managers to enhance the checkout process. I took the lead in the design aspects, assessing the existing checkout experience, formulating a strategy, vision and ultimately redesigning the entire checkout component.
This comprehensive redesign involved multiple user tests, workshops, sketching and wireframing sessions, prototyping, creating final design specifications, conducting A/B testing, and formulating a launch strategy. Additionally, I contributed to improving the checkout's scalability by future-proofing it and integrating numerous new payment methods to support several market launches.

Case Studies
Due to confidentiality agreements, I am unable to share more detailed information about my work at Loft. Please contact me if you have further questions or need more information.