Zenklub is a platform that connects people and therapist

  • Product Design

When we talk about mental health, the right therapist makes the difference and finding the right one isn’t an easy task. This challenge needs to be addressed in a fast and efficient manner once we are facing a delicate moment in people’s lives. At Zenklub, I had the opportunity to redesign an experience that could guide people who are looking for the right therapist.


My process & contribution

• Conduct UX Research to understand the users’ needs
• Apply ideation sessions and remote design sprints
• Help to improve the product with usability test results
• Design rationale and deliverables
• Stakeholder manegement



To offer a new experience for people who are looking for a therapist.

Zenklub prototype_zenklub

Top users’ problems

Too much information about the therapist: people were confused with the amount of information when searching for a therapist. As a result, they got lost about which professional to book a session with.

Regret Aversion: People who are looking for an online therapist have concerns about the quality of the sessions, about the bond with the professional. People are also afraid to regret hiring the same professional and being stuck with them.


Design decisions

Problem 1: The experience of searching for a therapist was described as “confused” in the usability test. After the research and the interviews with the users, I decided to eliminate some information about the therapist and keep only the essential.

Problem 2: The idea of investing a significant amount of money in a plan with the same therapist without truly knowing them was rejected in usability tests and users’ interviews processes.As for the second problem I decided to create a payment plan that left the users free to change therapists in case they didn't like the one they had chosen.

Design Framework

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