The first brazilian insurtech that empower customers and offers customized and personalized plans without any kind of intermediate.

  • UX/UI
Blue Digital

The insurance market in Brazil was something traditional and the culture centered on people did not exist, that's why Youse was created, to break this pattern and empower the client. I had the opportunity to live this moment, to map the personas, the users' journeys, to apply usability tests. I was able to contribute to the design of some moments of the logged area where people could claim their insurance, consult their policies. To think in key moments and offer an outstanding experience.

Blue Digital

The big challenge was to design a different experience for users. At that time, service providers were not so prepared to connect with more modern APIS and systems. The tech team needed to think of alternatives to connect everything and be able to show how many miles the help services were on if you happened to crash your car.

Blue Digital

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